Valentina Barbazza
Specialties: Advertising, Photography, Film
Languages: English, Spanish and Italian

With 17 years working overseas Valentina offers significant experience in the advertising film production industry.
Her love for the business has grown over the years during which she developed extensive skills, knowledge and expertise in all facets of advertising production: TV, Film, Digital and Branded Content.

Based in Spain her journey started in 1999. While attending university she began her production career as production assistant servicing USA and UK international productions looking to film in the region. Given the international and fast peace environment she had the opportunity to learn her craft from the best spot producers and nearly 10 years later worked her way up to Producer.

During these years she gains an extensive international experience shooting commercial worldwide (USA, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East)

Her dedication and passion has given her the opportunity to work with the most accomplished international directors such as Harald Swartz, Gerard De Thame, Tarsem, Daniel Benmayor - and many others- who have given her a deep understanding of the industry behind the camera.

During her career Valentina has worked on an extensive list of successful campaigns for major domestic and international brands such as Coca Cola, General Motors, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever , Sony, Apple, ING Direct just to mention some.

Currently she is an accomplished freelance Senior Producer who shares her time between Barcelona, Milan and Dubai.