What We Do

Production Advisory


The Production Advisory Group is a team of Producers and Advertising Executives who provide expert production advisory, cost control and consulting on all types of media productions. Based in Milan, the PAG has team members around the world to partner with your company on your Film, TV, Advertising, Print or Event productions.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best Creative Results with the fewest headaches.

How do we do it? We draw on our years of experience and extensive contacts worldwide to help empower you and your teams to:

1) Reign-in production costs,
2) understand if you need to invest more and
3) feel in control of a sometimes complex situation.

We know what we’re saying because we’ve seen the results.

And so have our clients.

How we work


The Production Advisory Group can partner with our clients to:

• Evaluate budgets
• Control costs
• Supervise productions
• Encourage and ensure transparency
• Negotiate with vendors
• Share in- depth technical knowledge
• Consult with Director & location selection
• Develop and implement production Best Practices
• Evaluate Production process
• Help protect creative integrity
• Train teams through regular seminars
• Facilitate communication with all parties involved in Production
• Share proprietary production tools and methods
• Provide reports for maximum learnings
• Liase with Procurement department, Ad Agency, Production Co., etc.
• Partner with Advertising Agency and other vendors