Jim Shamoon
Specialties: Advertising, Photography, Film
Region: Africa
Languages: English, Kiswahili, Punjabi, Hindi

Jim Shamoon was born in Nairobi Kenya. After studying electrical engineering, he followed a diverse career path that led to construction, plastics, and the running of a cookie factory, trout farming, printing, and hotel management. Later he worked in an environmental recycling plant, fabricated luxury safari tents and was even a crab and lobster dealer.

This incredibly varied background eventually brought Jim to film production where, in 1993, he started as a Runner and nearly 10 years later, worked his way up to Production Manager. In 2001, Jim joined Blue Sky Films full-time where he is now the Managing Director.

Jim is the former Chairman of the Kenya International Film Festival and also the former Chairman of the Oscar Nomination Committee for Kenya; he held both positions for three years. Currently he is on a Kenyan government committee charged with drafting a new Film Policy for Kenya. He is also the Vice Chairman of the Kenya Film and TV Professionals Association.