Katie Stiebel
Specialties: Advertising, Film
Region: Europe
Languages: English, German

Katie started her working career as a photographer, and then learned the ropes of production at Markenfilm Hamburg.
She worked for many years as a freelance producer and after her two children started school she re-joined Markenfilm again in 1997 as a Producer and from 2003 as Executive Producer and Head of Production.
Katie has produced commercials for various agencies and their clients, shooting in almost every country from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, and has worked with some of the finest directors on the planet.

Katie has production experience of over 20 years and is still actively involved in film producing.

She lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Her clients have included: AEG, BMW AG, Citroen, Deutsche Telekom AG, Dr.Oetker GmbH, Deka Investments, Hornbach Baumarkt AG, Mercedes- Benz AG, Unilever AG, Volkswagen Group, Vodafone , and many others.