Mario Zvan
Specialties: Advertising, Photography, Film
Region: Africa and Croatia
Languages: Croatian, English, French

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Mario Zvan spent his childhood in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya. After completing his studies in architecture in London and working there during the ‘80’s boom, Mario eventually set up Japan Estates in 1990, a real estate and development company that catered to the growing Japanese community.

Drawn back to Africa by the warm weather and new opportunities, Mario eventually found his way onto film sets, first working as a Runner, and later running the company that first hired him. In 1996, Mario opened Blue Sky Films with Production Advisory Group Founder Sabrina Allaria and Art Director Vittoria Sogno. By the late 1990’s Blue Sky Films had become the largest film production company in East and Central Africa and was responsible for some 80% of commercials produced in the region. As Blue Sky expanded into servicing international productions looking to film in the region, Mario and Sabrina opened up Blue Sky Croatia to do the same in the Mediterranean.

Currently he is working on the construction of a new media center and studio complex in Nairobi, Kenya.

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