Michael Stiebel
Specialties: Advertising, Film
Region: Europe
Languages: English, German

Michael has been working in the film industry since 1978.

Born in Rhodesia, today called Zimbabwe, Michael’s family moved to South Africa, where he finished his University studies in 1977 and started working on feature films the following year. In 1980 he was made Producer for Robb D Hinds Productions in Johannesburg and two years later, while South Africa was being boycotted by most of the world, Michael took the invitation by Markenfilm to join them as a Director. After 3 years he moved to Filmhaus Munich’s 2nd production company based in Hamburg, and two years later in 1988, started Downtown Film Productions with a partner.

In 2007 Michael opened Downtown Film Productions in Dubai. Having produced and directed hundreds of commercials for clients all over the world, won 4 Lions in Cannes, 12 New York and London Internation Advertising Festival trophies and 7 German Art Director’s Cub nails, Michael has also turned to other projects, opening a production service company in Cape Town, pre-marketing the Optix Post Production Group’s Middle East office as well as run the New Business Planning for GBox/Adstream in the Middle East and North Africa. Michael developed the production company management tool BackBone Film, and also is the creator of BudgetMaker, a film-calculation budgeting system.

Based out of Hamburg, Michael joins PAG in 2016, servicing clients in Germany, and the rest of the World.