Stefano Bini
Specialties: Film, Advertising
Region: Italy
Languages: English, Italian

Stefano Bini attended the Florentine School of Art, and in 1979 he began his career in the film industry as an Animation Film Designer. Shortly after, he entered the advertising world, first as a Light Technician, and then as a Gaffer. As a Gaffer, he worked for some of the best International Directors of Photography, with whom he travelled the world. Later he moved to the Camera Department as a Camera Assistant.

In the early 90’s, Stefano began working internationally as a Director of Photography for commercials. He also worked as Director in Italy and abroad. His clients have included Coca Cola, Nestle, Knorr, Mc Donald’s, KFC, Cadbury, Pilsner, Almarai, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Lavazza.

Stefano won a K-Award in 1991, and a Special Kodak-Award for Best Photography at an International Film Festival in 2003.